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2015 Race Results

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Three Years in Review

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Who we support

Central Detroit Christian

In partnership with Central Detroit Christian, we are supporting an after school program specifically designed for inner-city kids.

Miles for Mankind

We are a Christian 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization funding programs across the globe that give the poor access to a better education.

Faith in Action

In partnership with Faith in Action, we hope to fully fund a dormitory that is a gateway for village children to have access higher education.

Runner’s Response

“First of all, this is my first Miles for Mankind race, and I think it’s one of my favorite races of the 15+ 5/10/15Ks I’ve run. What made it so great? The volunteers/workers. The volunteers you had at this race were supportive, encouraging, helpful, and did not wait for me to approach them. I was cheered on, by name, at the finish line, which was so motivating, I was handed a medal and a water even before I stopped running, and I was congratulated by multiple volunteers/workers just after the finish. Also, I LOVED the non-profit food truck, Stewards for Strangers, that was there. What an AWESOME idea, and the food was delicious. The photo booth was fantastic, too. This is one of the few races I have run by myself, so I was so happy to have a nice photo to commemorate the event. I will definitely be back next year! Congrats on a great race!!”
“Thank you for putting on a FABULOUS race today!! Everything was perfect! Absolutely the best race I’ve done. Truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the M4M organization.”
“Congratulations on a great event. It was my first 5K and you provided a great experience for my daughter and I. Looking forward to participating in further events.”